Are you planning to move to a different place for work? Or do you fancy the house for sale that you have seen months before? Or do you want to sell your house? Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you will be needing a real estate agent or commonly known as a broker as up to 80% of homeowners rely on these individuals’ service. This is because you will likely get a better deal within a shorter time.

Aside from the Real Estate Penrith and other reputable companies, you need to hire professional real estate brokers who know what they are doing.

Below are the things you need to consider when hiring a real estate as a seller:

Tell me about your experience in the industry

You need to ask questions that would assess their skills and knowledge in the field, like how many properties were sold in your area within the past five months and for how much these properties were sold, or for how long until they had been sold.

You can also ask how often they had to reduce the prices of properties they were able to sell. Good brokers do not easily accept overpriced houses.

You might also want to find out how familiar he is with the neighborhood your house is located in.

How long have you been in the business?

We do not want to discriminate. Sometimes, new-licensed agents perform better than the old ones. Oftentimes, it depends on the level and quality of training they have. However, we need to admit that experience plays a major role in skills development. Also, the more experience they have, the more challenges they were able to obtain that potentially tested their ability to solve problems and to deal with hard customers and/or buyers.

What is your marketing plan that works well for my needs?

It is a practical question: how will you market my house? This involves the kind of advertisement strategy that suits your case. Does it need a direct mail campaign or not? How does she do/hire a photography service for your house? Does she use online platforms to advertise and/or connect with potential buyers?

Do you have references?

Good agents are confident about their works with their previous clients, and they would not hesitate to present you with a list of references. Be cautious with agents who do not provide you any, as they are obviously hiding something.


Not all agents are open for an interview. In fact, well-experienced ones will barely fill up a survey… But there are good brokers who will take time. Even if it is rightful to ask the questions for assessment, you also need to limit your questions to avoid making them feel too interrogated.


Ask them questions about their experience with your local market.

Ask them about their marketing plan, ways of communication, customers’ review and their connections with other professionals.

Choose an agent that is full-time and who has a personality that suits yours for better connection and communication