Thinking of renovating or upgrading your space? Is it worth it? Is it worth the budget and the time? Does your business need it? How does it affect your company if your operation is still continuous? Is your building old or you just wanted it to have remodeled? Do you know any contractor who specializes in this field? 


Commercial remodeling is a very big decision to make by the company, from thinking how it can affect your business, employees, stakeholders, and the customers up to considering the budget and the space to be remodeled. It can be very stressful, and it will take time to decide on this project. A lot of business owner considering the commercial remodeling instead of having a new building and a new facility, commercial remodeling can also increase the value of your property. And as the study shows, after remodeling, sales increased by some percent compared to when the building is still old. 

Here are the common processes in having a commercial remodeling: 

  • Planning and designing 
  • Budgeting, bidding, and pricing 
  • Choosing a contractor who will to the project and contract signing 
  • Preparing and Purchasing of materials 
  • Starting to have repair and redesigning 
  • Finishing out the process of rebuilding 
  • Cleaning out the debris and the area 


Before starting the renovation of the premises, you should also contact bidders to have a site inspection for bidding and pricing, to estimate time to finish the project and to assess the overall condition of the building or the premise. You should also take into consideration in remodeling your premise, the electrical and the mechanical part of the establishment, and put a budget allocation for that part of the project. You should always have a connection with your contractor for you to be able to know the progress and how long it will be going to take for your business to fully operational and your employees to work smoothly again. Before the remodeling happens, make sure to consider your neighborhood and nearby areas, as remodeling requires drilling and more stuff. You should also give your neighborhood a heads up that there will be remodeling ongoing for quite some days, weeks, or maybe up to months of reconstructions. 

In choosing the right contractor, the company will consider the cost, expertise, and how long it will be going to finish. The most challenging part of having renovation or remodeling is having the operations in the company continuously operating, and they will always make sure by the part they will need to rebuild and thinking of the employee’s safety, that is why it is very important to choose a good contractor who knows to strategize and excellent in planning and designing, Gandys Mechanical Maintenance Services offers stress-free transaction in doing commercial remodeling services. They have been in the industry for quite some time, giving you the best quality output from experts and professionals who has wide experience in remodeling, not just in your business premises, also in schools, offices, and in your homes. They are trusted and guaranteed to deliver the job on time.