Things You Must Know Before Buying Protein Powder

Things You Must Know Before Buying Protein Powder

Nutritionists always advise us to get our proteins from natural foods rather than from the processed supplements. However, due to strenuous exercises and working schedule, we do not get to consume enough proteins from food. And in such a situation, we require the so-called processed protein supplements to keep us going. Experts at ClickReviewz, a supplement reviewing platform argues that when these protein powder supplements are taken as prescribed, they can help to keep your body healthy and at the same time agitate first growth of various body organs. These supplements play a significant role in making the level of protein consumption to settle at optimum. You are probably here because you are confused on the right product to buy from your favorite selling platform. On your own, it can be a difficult task of finding the most effective especially if you do not have prior information about protein supplement selection. That is why we have compiled this comprehensive guide involving the key things you must know before buying protein powder. Keep reading to make the right decision.

Protein Supplement Classifications

bottle with tabletsProtein supplements are classified into three major categories. These supplements often come in a powder form, and the concentration level can vary from one composition to another. The first category is rich in concentrates. They possess up to 80% of protein.

Other components of these concentrates include; fats, carbs, and minerals. The second category is rich in isolates, and its protein content is about 90%.

The third type is known as the hydrolysates. The proteins in this category are semi-digest since they undergo the process of hydrolysis where proteins are broken down into peptides and amino acids.

Mass Gainers vs. Protein Supplements

Although they both have proteins, mass gainers are entirely different from the daily protein supplements. Mass gainers contain carbohydrates, fats, and sugar while the regular protein supplements’ calories come from proteins alone. Protein supplements will play as usual while mass gainers will make you gain weight. It is good to have a clear difference between the two so that you can make an informed decision.

Sole Purpose

The primary use of protein supplements is to cater to your nutritional needs. Therefore, good protein powder is responsible for the supply of the required nutrients for organ growth. Also, the use of Protein supplements is convenient for acquiring extra proteins into your body. Similarly, fish oil is an excellent way of getting healthy fats for your diet. Consequently, none of the above supplements should break down your body muscles. Therefore, it is advisable to define your needs before making any commitment towards the purchase.

Personal Goals

As aforementioned, make sure your fitness goals are clear and definite. If you want to gain weight and body muscles at the same time, then go for a protein powder that contains calories responsible for that. Do not replace mass gainers for sold supplements. Sticking to the right supplement will not only allow you get the required results but also maintain your body shape and health.


The advantage of buying from the internet is that you are exposed to almost all brands. Therefore you can compare their effectiveness and prices. Being a savvy buyer will help you to differentiate between exaggerated claims and legit products.